Day 9 – The Beginning

I am taking the Paleo diet seriously and following the dietary rules strictly.  It has been a lot of trips to the grocery store, cleaning the bad food out of the fridge and a ton of cooking/ doing dishes. I kind of feel like a personal chef and maid. Right around day 6, I started to notice some changes.  The first change, and my favorite so far, no more night sweats!  Cutting out the alcohol and cleaning up the diet has got to be the reason.  It’s been three days in a row, so I know it’s not a fluke.  The second change, that’s almost as cool, I can do a full squat.  I’ve never been very flexible and wasn’t a very big squat person, but I want to get back into running and light squats are part of my warm up.  Before I couldn’t get past that 90 degree knee bend and now I’m all the way down.  Is it because I’ve been doing more stretches and something finally loosened up or is it because of the diet?  I’m not sure.  The third change, is a huge uptick in energy levels.  I’m pretty pumped up all day long and not drinking coffee like a fiend anymore just to stay awake.  I worked all weekend and didn’t feel the exhaustion that I’d normally have.  Oh yeah… one more thing that changed.  When I started, I weighed in at 198.4lbs.  This morning, I was at 190.4lbs.  Blood pressure is 136/ 86.  I will keep tabs on weight and bp as I go along.


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