Paleo. Some love it, others not so much…

As I am becoming a bigger fan of Paleo and getting the garbage out of my diet, my girlfriend is having the absolute opposite experience.  Yesterday I had one of the strongest workouts in years, no lack of energy during the day (no afternoon nap!) and was hugely productive at work.  Today, I woke up 15 min before my alarm and was ready to go. For her, oh man.  She is having headaches, is very tired and says that she isn’t getting enough food.  It’s really weird how differently people can react to the same diet.  I can definitely see how cutting out the caffeine, alcohol, sugar, starch, carbs and most everything you love would give a dramatic shock to the system.  I am encouraging her to stick with it and get through these “withdraw” symptoms.  We had a couple pieces of sushi last night before dinner and I think that may have helped 🙂

I will also be listing out the meals that we like and workout milestones as we move forward on the diet.  So, last night, we did have some really great stuffed chicken breasts for dinner last night.  Whole Foods does have really good organic chicken that actually tastes like chicken should taste.  I made a modification to the recipe and used celery instead of carrots in the stuffing, added a clove of garlic, salt and pepper.  We made 4 chicken breasts to have some left over for lunch.


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