Costco Paleo

Can you do Paleo at Costco?  I asked myself that question when the receipts from Whole Foods started adding up.  Paleo is expensive.  Organic, grass fed, fresh, 100% natural all add $$ to the price of food.  The benefits are worth it, but hopefully there are some budget friendly options.  Well, here is what I found at Costco.  I didn’t realize it before, probably because I was never looking for it, but all of the organic foods at Costco have a green highlighter mark on the description sign.  That makes life a little easier, but the difficulty is finding very many of them.  The things we did find to be good deals and Paleo were:

1lb tub of Taylor Farms Organic Spring Mix salad greens for $5.99.  About twice as much lettuce as Whole Foods for the same price.

54oz tub of Carrington Farms Coconut Oil for $15.99.  This is $19.99 at WF.  I hope this tub lasts a while.

Organic Chicken Breasts for $5.99/ lb.  These are $8.99/ lb at WF, but I think the WF chicken tastes better.

Pure Nature Organic Broccoli Florets (frozen) 64 oz for $5.99.  Not sure what this would cost at WF, but it would be at lease twice that amount.  We are going to be swimming in broccoli recipes for a while.

Bulk nuts… almonds were a really good deal, but I already threw away the receipt and can’t remember the price.

I think we will do a fairly regular trip to Costco to restock.  I am going to start checking out the local produce markets as well.  Update: Weight is at 190.4 lbs and seems to have leveled out here.  My goal is 185 lbs, so I expect to hit that as I get out and run more.  Energy levels and attitude are amazing!


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  1. There is an called “Harvest Hand” very cool app shows you all the local farmers marts etc and other organic sellers including local vineyards

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