Shot by the NutriBullet

Our old 50’s style Oster blender looks cool, but it really sucks at doing anything functional… especially making smoothies. We did a lot of research and went back and forth between the Vitamix, NutriBullet and the Ninja. I really, really wanted to get the Vitamix. One of the guys from my office raves about his Vitamix almost every time I see him. It is sooooo expensive, though. Reviews are good and Costco has one for $375. Still, it’s hard to justify that price. The Ninja has very mixed reviews. Get it… mixed reviews… blender. Ugh. Anyway, The price is good at $99 but it has a pretty large footprint on the countertop. I expect to leave this appliance sitting out, so the less space it takes up, the better. Ok, on to the NutriBullet. Also mixed reviews, but mostly positive. We have a friend that has owned the Magic Bullet for about a year and still really likes it. The NutriBullet is more robust that the Magic Bullet and should hold up well to Paleo food challenges. It’s easy to clean up, makes a good smoothie and is priced right. You can use the 20% coupon at Bed, Bath and Beyond to snag a NutriBullet for $80. It took a few tries to get the hang of making a truly smooth smoothie, but I’ve got the process down now. Some fresh greens (kale or spinach), a handful of frozen organic berries, some fresh fruit, a squirt of clover honey, maybe some almonds and fill to the line coconut milk or almond milk. It’s great for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack. I do really like how easy it is to use and clean the NB. I think it was $80 well spent.



4 thoughts on “Shot by the NutriBullet

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  1. Mike used his mixer (can’t rmember which one he settled on) like crazy when he first bought it, but as time goes on he brings it out less and less. You still using yours regularly?

  2. problem is with continued use, this product just doesn’t stand up. If you plan on using it every day like I do, just know you will be replacing it with a new one every year.

    1. Agreed. We just had an extractor blade seize up. Unfortunately we can’t find the receipt, so we had to buy a new one from the nutribullet site ($9.99). No issues with the motor assembly, so that’s good. We use it a couple times a day. When it finally fails, it may be time to take the plunge and get a Vitamix.

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