Goin’ Back to Cauli

As the Paleo lifestyle continues, my weight is now 186.2 (so, so close to my target at 185), my blood pressure in the low 120/80 range and pulse in the low 60’s.  Compared to last year, these are some impressive numbers.  This is the first diet that I haven’t felt compelled to have a cheat day.  I think it’s because there are so many recipes out there and different ways to prepare food that it has kept my interest level high and taste buds happy.  Here is a good Stuffed Pepper recipe that came to me through my girlfriend, through Pinterest, through her friend Jodie, as posted by Mrs. Paleo.  The key is the cauliflower and ricing it in the food processor.  I didn’t even know you could do that and it is super easy.  The end product is very rice-like and perfect for the stuffing.  My only modification was doing a meat mixture of 1 lb of grass fed ground beef and 1/4 lb of mild Italian sausage.  Then we actually halved all the ingredients to only make enough for 4 stuffed peppers.  Oh yeah, and we left out the mushrooms.


Paleo Stuffed PepperPaleo Stuffed Pepper


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  1. Looks really good. I will try it. I have been using a little food grinder like the one we have in Schererville and that does a good job for a one person serving

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