Training Day

I have the 2013 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle race coming up in less than 2 weeks.  It is an 8K (5 miles) and  more of a fun run, rather than a race, with about 36,000 entrants this year.  I look forward to the Shammy Shuffle every year because it gets me active and in shape before Spring hits Chicago.  This year, I kind of procrastinated on the training aspect. I did my first training run last Friday.  The initial run was 2 miles at a 9:30 pace.  The run was pretty easy… much easier than years past  Before mustering up the motivation to run, I weighed in at 182.2lbs.  I feel old saying this, but I haven’t weighed 182 in 20 years.  Freaking 20 years!  I have observed that running is much easier when you aren’t lugging around a couple gallons of fat weight.  On Sunday, I cranked through 3 miles without a ton of effort and sped up to an 8:30 pace for the last mile.  I felt great physically and psychologically at the end of the run.  Observation #2 is eating the right food gives you a lot more energy and makes recovery easier on your body.  My heart rate was 155-158 at effort, so I could have pushed it a little harder.  I went from dreading the run to being excited about it.  Woohoo!

Anyone else running the Shuffle this year?

Shamrock Shuffle BofA Pic


2 thoughts on “Training Day

  1. Nice work, Chuck! I’ll be running the Shamrock, although it sounds like you are going to rock it this year…hopefully will see you afterwards!

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