Back in the Saddle!

After three long weeks of rainy weather, the sun is out in Chicago and the temps are perfect. We all know how fleeting and temporary good weather is here, so I got my bike out and started riding. First a quick evening 10 mile ride after doing the post-Winter tune-ups and adjustments. Then a 20 miler the next morning with riding buddy, Jim. And another 20 miler that evening with buddy, Mark. Needless to say, the ol bum is a little tender and a lot sore. Obviously, I’m not in tip top riding shape, but I did feel lighter on the bike and going into a headwind wasn’t bad at all. One thing I did notice is my energy got depleted really quickly but recovery was pretty quick, thank god! I needed that quick recovery because I can’t let Jim beat me on all the hills… which is about 2 in total if you have ever ridden the lake front path. I’ll need to find some Paleo friendly energy bars or fill one of my bottles with coconut milk instead of water to keep energy up on long rides. I am open to suggestions. If anyone has ideas, please post them below.
About an hour after the morning ride, I was curious about my blood pressure, so I took a measurement. I was pretty amazed to see a reading of 108/ 70 and 75 bpm. Later, I was down to 64 bpm and weighed in at 178.6 lbs. Contrast with that a year ago… 147/ 98, 62 bpm and 197.6 lbs. All that with no medication… just a happy and fulfilling diet/ lifestyle upgrade. Yes, I’m a full Paleo convert. I can’t dispute the results and I’ve never felt better.

Chuck Lakefront Bike


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  1. No recommendations on what to bring for energy, but by all means, yes, find something: you absolutely cannot let Jim beat you on all the hills…

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