Austin Bound and Geeked for the Journey

We are sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to Austin, so I thought I’d take a minute and bring the blog back to present day. We are taking a type of vacation that I never would have predicted a couple years ago. After 14 months of a total lifestyle change, we are headed to the Paleo f(x) conference. It is the self-proclaimed “Superbowl of Paleo”.  I seriously couldn’t be more excited!
Rene is “totes geeked out” with anticipation of meeting her “paleo mentor”, Dr Terry Wahls. Not to mention the other Paleo big wigs, Robb Wolf, Jonathan Bailor, Chris Kresser, Sarah Ballantyne.
It will also be awesome to see Paleo authors Michelle Tam, Danielle Walker, Diana Rodgers. We had the pleasure of meeting them on home turf in Chicago for their respective book signings. They are all great people and so rewarding to spend time with them. All we have to do is get there.
So, how do you pack for a Paleo vacation? Airport food is on par with hospital food, so our carry ons always have an ample supply of snacks. Various Larabars, Epic Bars, a couple bananas and apples, Steve’s Paleo Goods grass fed jerky and maple bacon granola (mmmmmm mmmm) are all along for the journey.
I filled a small prescription drug bottle with coconut oil to make it travel size. This is the best use for a drug bottle, in my opinion. And, of course, we now travel with our own castille soap.
To keep up the theme and get a little exercise during the day, we are going to be riding the Austin B Cycles to and from the convention center. Uh, yeah, we’re green? Like I said, a vacation I could have never predicted, but I’m so pumped that it is here!

MePaleo Paleo f(x)



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