I didn’t expect to start a blog about the Paleo lifestyle, but I thought this might help someone else that’s trying to figure out Paleo and it also is a good way journal my progress and results.  My decision to go Paleo came about for a couple of reasons.  My girlfriends brother has been Paleo for a couple of years now.  In 2011, he got us the Paleo Diet Cookbook as a Christmas gift.  I thumbed through it and fully intended to try a couple of the recipes.  This kid is a Crossfit athlete and he is in crazy good shape, so there could be something to the diet.  Anyway, like all good intentions, the book found a nice resting place and didn’t move from there for over a year.  That somewhat parallels my sedentary and sloth-like year.  I pulled a muscle in my neck pretty badly and got sidelined from working out for a while.  Before that I was an avid cyclist, occasional runner and kicked-ass at the Perfect Pushup.  After a year or so of lazing it up, eating whatever was in front of me and drinking wine or beer almost everyday, it was taking a toll.  My symptoms of the good life include fatigue, aching joints, crazy night sweats, lack of motivation, never feeling 100% awake during the day, insomnia, weight fluctuating in the 200lb range, sinus trouble, and a lighter wallet.  Yes, that stuff sucks, especially the night sweats.  Even so, I still didn’t have a reason to change anything.  That is, until my girlfriend was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease in January.  This was fairly devastating and life changing news that came out of nowhere.  We are still trying to figure it all out, but we are in it together.  Ironically, we found out that the Paleo diet is very good for auto-immune diseases. So, we decided to give it a try and possibly admit that her brother was right about the Paleo diet.  We are now 9 days into the diet and I decided to start this blog.  The main reason… I am starting to see some positive changes from the diet and I really feel super alive again!  Time to stop dicking around with this section and start blogging… and exercising… and eating!

Nana Salad copy


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  1. Love this blog. Precise images of beautiful, healthy fare for everyone to prevent cancer and obesity by training themselves to eat good stuff, and let go of the bad.

  2. Hi! This is Dale (we met at the Printers Square 100th Anniversary). I’m back from vacation, and am giving this Paleo thing a shot. Would you still be willing to have me guest blog? The public forum will help keep me honest. 😉

    My email is thekiyote@gmail.com, if you want to get in contact with me that way. 🙂

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