RPM Steak – Paleo Date Night Review

I’ve mentioned previously that we don’t go out to eat all that often anymore.  It’s difficult to find restaurants with gluten free, paleo options that we trust.  This weekend, though, we had an amazing dining experience at RPM Steak right here in Chicago.  Winner, winner, grass fed meat dinner!

RPM Steak has been quite the hot spot since it opened last year.  Co owners Bill and Guiliana Rancic have created a beautiful dining venue in the heart of River North that is attracting foodies, celebrities and even President Obama who dined there last October.  If you want to get a table on a weekend, you can expect to wait months for a reservation.  On a whim, I searched on open table Saturday afternoon. An 8:30pm table for 2 popped up  – WHAT?!  Before I knew it, we were dressed in our finest impromptu date night attire and an uber taxi was whisking us up Dearborn.

The restaurant itself is beautiful.  It’s has an open concept, but the darker colors and wood tones keep it comfortable, yet swanky.  If you’ve been to RPM Italian, it’s almost the inverse of their bright white, but just as sleek.  They were running slightly behind, so we headed to the four-sided open bar. There are booths that flank three sides and people sitting and standing about 2 rows deep all around the bar.  It was crowded, but does that matter when you’re there to be IN the scene?  I didn’t think so.  We ordered a glass each of the Sonoma County, CA Complicated Chardonnay to start.  The bar area started to thin out a tiny bit when our table was ready around 9pm.

Find the Hidden Red Shoe - It's Good Luck!
Find the Hidden Red Shoe – It’s Good Luck!

We sat down and were presented with the gluten free menus (which I requested in the reservation). There is really not that much difference with the regular menu as their gluten free menu is huge and impressive.  We were then greeted by our AMAZING server, Chrissy (or Krissy?  sorry!) who told us she is Celiac and we can rest assured that they take gluten free seriously.  Chrissy then sent over one of their five sommeliers to help us navigate the extremely extensive wine list.  Once that order of business was complete, we turned our attention back to the dinner menu.  We decided on:


  • Oysters:  Sourced from the west coast – you get 6 for $18.  These were some of the best oysters I’ve had.  They come topped with a very light sort of ceviche relish that included jalapeno, cucumber, lemon and lime juice.  I would go back and just order these with a glass of champs!
  • Thick cut bacon:  Chrissy told us this dish is life changing and she was right.  It had a nice sweet maple glaze and in a way, it reminded me of french toast – it was that thick!
RPM Thick Cut Maple Bacon
Apps from Heaven


Main Course

  • 20 oz. Grass Fed Bone in Ribeye (sourced from Slagel Farms):  Even though there is a bone in it, this steak is HUGE!  I thought Chuck would definitely be bringing some home, but he powered through and ate the whole thing.  I had a bite and it was seasoned perfectly and very juicy.  He also ordered the butter and bone marrow sauce to complement it.
  • 8 oz. Grass Fed Bison Filet (sourced from High Plains):  I expect bison to be leaner than other meats and it was, but was still full of flavor and tender.  This was a generous, thick cut portion and as much as I wanted to finish it, I did have to give Chuck my last few bites (which he ate on top of his 20 oz. without a problem 🙂 )


  • Hen of the Woods Mushrooms:  You don’t often see these on a menu and they are Chuck’s favorite mushroom, so we had to get them.  They had a delicious woody flavor, as you’d expect, and were just divine.  The serving dish didn’t move far from Chuck’s setting and I had to strategically grab some while he was busy chewing.
  • Roasted Cauliflower:  Sounds boring, but it’s one of our staple, cruciferous vegetables.  This was like no cauli I’ve had before.  The roasted florets were very soft and came in a very light tomato type of sauce with lime.  Sounds odd, but it worked really well.

RPM Steak hit it out of the park for us on all counts:  food (with bonafide paleo options), service and ambience.  It is also a bonus that it is part of the Lettuce Entertain You group of restaurants.  We had some gift cards that we were able to use which softens the blow when the check comes.  It is spendy, but it is worth checking out.  Don’t forget to request Chrissy as your server – she is the best! Thank you RPM Steak for an awesome date night!

Grass Fed

I have noticed that, as our culinary skills improve, eating out can be a little disappointing. Especially when you get a nice fat bill and you could have prepared something better at home.  So, as foodies with a limited diet, it is very exciting to discover really good Paleo-friendly restaurants here in Chicago.  I am going to start a running list of the places we like, but, for now, I’d like to focus on Grass Fed in Bucktown.  Grass Fed serves 100% pasture raised, grass fed beef from Wisconsin.  The interior of the restaurant has a clean, upscale, slightly rustic farmhouse feel to it.  The dinner menu has some good Paleo choices, and the chef will make substitutions depending on dish.  Rene ordered the Grilled Grass Fed NY Strip Steak with spring onion, peas, trumpet royal mushrooms and chimichurri.  She substituted the brown-butter gnocchi, as tempting as it was, for extra veg.  It was a great combo for $23.  I went with the Roasted Half Chicken that was comfortably napping on a bed of beer braised bratwurst, broccoli rabe, spring onions, whole grain mustard.  Well crap, I didn’t notice the “beer braised” part of the order last night, but it was really delicious, only $20 and just a slight Paleo cheat.

Grass Fed is known for their handcrafted, house infused cocktails.  I tried the Smoldering Rose – Jalapeno Infused Tequila, House-made Blood Orange Simple, Lime Juice.   They serve the drink in an unassuming little soda bottle with a cube-filled glass on the side.  The pink color looks like it would play nice, but it packs a spicy punch to the face that kept me coming back for more. Little details set their bar apart from others in the area and give me respect for the mixologist that takes the time to make a really good drink.

It was nice to get away from our kitchen and the nightly mountain of dishes.  I’m glad Rene found Grass Fed and we will be adding it to the list!

Grass Fed
Grass Fed

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