The Paleo Refresher (Ala SBUX)

If you follow our ‘Me Paleo’ Facebook page, you might know that we’ve been intrigued lately with Kombucha.  Well, intrigue has turned into slight obsession.  We tried store bought variations this week and were pleasantly surprised.  Paleo peeps are really into ‘Booch’ as it’s commonly called, so we knew it had to be good.  But, we were still a little skeptical and slightly grossed out at the brewing process.  The grossed out part is because of the SCOBY, one of the few necessities of Booch makin.  Simply put, one needs a starter amount of Kombucha, sugar, tea and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast).  Yeah, kinda gross right?  This is what allows it to ferment, creating the acclaimed detoxifying juice.  Once you’ve brewed your first batch of booch, you can reuse your SCOBY (and it’s subsequent baby SCOBY’s that get created with each new round) and have an endless supply of Kombucha right in your own home. Given that most of these bottles available in stores are upwards of $4, it seems like a pretty good idea.  You can even play around with different flavors to create your own personal concoction.  The bottle that I first tried was a ginger-berry flavor.  At first sip, I immediately liked it.  Fizzy, effervescent, fruity.  A couple sips later, I realized what it reminded me of.  SBUX refreshers!!  Before Paleo, refreshers were my slight obsession.  I’m so happy to have found a paleo friendly replacement!  We’re now planning to try our hand at brewing.

Any others out there brew your own Kombucha?  How did you get your first SCOBY?


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